Remote Access

This page has been made available to staff members of Lee & Plumpton Ltd only.

You must seek permission from the IT Department before continuing to use any of the software available on this page. Failure to do so will prevent you from successfully establishing a VPN connection.

Step One

Download the appropriate version of the freely available VPN software below.

Windows Client

Mac Client


Step Two

Download and read through the instructions, these will talk you through the process of installing the Windows version and how to create a Terminal Server Session.

Please note, I do not have access to any Mac equipment, so I am not able to provide step by step instructions for any Mac devices, if you have one, please have a go and see how you get on, but Lee & Plumpton do not offer or provide support for any Mac devices.

PDF Instructions

Remote It Support

Should you require support from the IT department, please download TeamViewer from this page and select ‘install for personal use’ during the installation process. Lee & Plumpton holds a valid licence for the use of TeamViewer, however only the IT engineer requires a licence to remotely administer a PC, the software is free for end users to use.

Team Viewer

After installation you will be presented with an ID and a password, IT will require both pieces of information to connect to your PC

Policies & Procedures

Please see below for any policies and procedures which you may need to refer to regarding any equipment/software.

Mitel - Enable Teleworker

Laptop SSL Installation

Home PC SSL Installation

Workstation SSL Installation