Learning environments are changing and the need to create highly adaptable, multi-varied, and versatile spaces has never been greater. Having worked with specialist suppliers to schools and colleges for many years, Lee & Plumpton is helping to create refreshed classrooms, study, and collaborative areas for more dynamic and enhanced learning experiences.

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are impacting all areas of life. Homeschooling with online learning has been difficult but has, perhaps, accelerated the opportunities to combine the virtual and ‘real’ world.

Flexible Classroom With Storage

Designers and specifiers for schools and colleges are increasingly proposing ‘flexible classrooms’  to support different ways of learning – together in smaller groups; integrated audiovisual to allow digital, hybrid collaboration; more traditional ‘lecture’ style; quiet spaces; and focused study areas. Sufficient storage is necessary to keep surfaces ‘clutter-free’ to avoid distractions and create clear lines of sight for the teacher and learners.

Classrooms now need to be adaptable, rather than static, with mobile furniture allowing spaces to be configured for varied learning activities.

New ergonomic and active seating options are being adopted within schools and colleges. It has been shown that physical activity improves cognitive development.  Lee & Plumpton’s Liiku Joy stool combines the benefits of a healthy seating posture with a rocking base – up to 13 degrees - to allow movement. Similarly, sit/stand solutions including adjustable height desks as well as poseur height tables create opportunities to change working positions.

Widely used in schools, libraries, and IT suites, the StudyHub is specifically designed to improve concentration by reducing visual and sound distractions. Lee & Plumpton’s Bespoke department has also created custom-designed options, such as different configurations or colour combinations, for particular requirements.

Lee & Plumpton has recently updated its Guide for Learning Environments, available to download here.


Bespoke StudyHubs

  • Posted on 27th April 2021

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