50 Years of Lee & Plumpton

This year we are celebrating 50 years of Lee & Plumpton. 

Since the formation, one of the significant developments was the move to a purpose-built headquarters and manufacturing facility in the early 1980s. Over the years, our continued investment has allowed the development of today's 200,000 sq.ft factory which is the hub for the Company’s design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution activities.

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50 Years of Change


Developments in office furniture since the 1970s

Office furniture has certainly experienced considerable change over the last 50 years, predominantly driven by developments in technology and working practices.

In the 1970s, desktop computers were still in their infancy with typewriters being more prevalent. By the 1980s, personal computers were increasingly common. The development of ‘one per desk’ computing meant that desk designs needed to change. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor screens were big and cumbersome requiring additional desktop space. By 1992, legislation was introduced outlining minimum safety and health requirements for those working with Display Screen Equipment. The corner desk or L-shaped workstation became the norm as it allowed the correct positioning for the monitor.

Flat screen technology overcame the need for these large desks, but many office workers still wanted the additional space for paperwork. The wave desk design offered a larger worktop but with a much-reduced footprint.

Gradually, cable management became more and more sophisticated, but technology still ‘tied’ us to the desk. More recently, advancements in technology have allowed greater freedom of movement and opportunities for shared environments. Collaborative spaces have evolved as people realised that you can also be highly productive away from your desk.

Many of today’s offices still include a blend of the different desk designs supplemented with meeting, breakout, touchdown, collaborative and social space furniture. Lee & Plumpton continues to develop and introduce new designs to meet these evolving requirements.

The founding principles of “premium materials combined with quality manufacturing and robust designs” remain the hallmarks for our furniture and reputation.

Stylish office furniture from Lee & Plumpton Stylish office furniture solutions from Lee & Plumpton


Visit our product pages https://www.leeandplumpton.co.uk/products/ to see the wide range of office and contract furniture solutions - designed and manufactured Lee & Plumpton. We look forward to another 50 years.

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