Environmental Responsibility

We recognise our responsibility to consider all aspects of our manufacturing processes in terms of environmental impact. We are committed to continually improving the ways in which we can protect the environment, including the reduction of pollution and waste.

Zero to Landfill

Our recovery and recycling initiatives cover 66% of the waste we produce and the remaining 34% is processed as Waste To Energy (WTE).

zeo to landfill

BS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

We measure and assess our efforts through our integrated management system by setting clear objectives for improvement, implementing a management programme and conducting regular reviews for continual improvement.

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Membership of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Program (FISP)

We are full members of FISP and this enables us to focus on reducing our social and environmental impact.

Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®)

Our Chain of Custody certification (COC) with the FSC ®
represents the unbroken path that certified products take: from the well managed forests of origin to the consumer.

This certification, combined with our efforts to reduce carbon emissions via various recycling initiatives, transportation
and our investment in solar power, are all part of our ongoing commitment to work towards a more sustainable
and greener future.

All relevant certificates and policies are available to view or download on our Downloads page


Environmental Commitment