Assembly Instruction Downloads

113 Duty, Rectangular and Wave

Duty, Rectangular and Wave, with and without Modesty.

114 Elect

Elect Coffee, Meeting and Poseur Tables

115 Spire Multi Frame

Spire Multi Frame, Rectangular and Oval

116 Spire Single Frame

Spire Tables, Single Frame. Rectangular, Square, Circular and Oval.

119 Libra Bench

Libra Bench

120 Libra Desk

Libra Desk

125 Signature Espagnolette Lock

Signature Cupboards Espagnolette Lock.

126 InMotion Single Electric

InMotion Single Electric (Sit-stand desk)

127 InMotion Double Electric

InMotion Back to Back Electric, (Sit-Stand desk)

128 InMotion Single Manual

InMotion Single Manual (Sit-stand desk)

129 A2226 InMotion Double Manual

InMotion Double Manual, sit-stand desk

130 StudyHub Study Carrell

StudyHub Study Carrell and Extension Bay

131 Liberty Lockers Hinge Adjustment

Liberty Lockers Instruction for Hinge Adjustment