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New Year - 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Office and Get Organised

January 10, 2017



It can be hard to come back to work after the Christmas holidays; however here are a few ways to help you clear your office space and create a nicely organised and productive working environment for the New Year ahead.

Keep an accurate ‘to do’ list

Try to transfer your ‘to do’ list from your head down to paper or electronically. Seeing the tasks you need to complete in black and white can help them to appear more manageable rather than swimming round in your head. To step it up a gear, you could also colour code your tasks so that you know the ones which need to be completed that day and which have a longer completion date.

Some people find it useful to either write their list down every morning when they get to work so that the day’s tasks are clear in their head, or possibly take note of them the night before so that they can hit the ground running as soon as they get into the office the following morning.

Update your furniture

Take a look around your office; does it look modern and fresh? Or does it look tired and dated? If it’s the latter, then why not think about updating your office furniture. Although a new desk and task chair won’t help you tackle the monthly accounts, they will help by offering a more satisfying place of work, which could help with positivity and productivity.

Lee and Plumpton offer a wide range of stylish and contemporary furniture suitable to make any office look fresh and functional.

File away documents

Use the beginning of the year to get your documents and files in order. Do you really need to keep that document that you haven’t looked at in over 12 months? If you really do, then instead of storing it in a pile on your desk, file it away in your storage cupboard or tambour unit, or even a neat side filer unit.

And if you don’t need it, then stick it straight in the recycling bin and clear some space whilst helping the environment. A tidy office makes way for a tidy and productive mind!

Contain the cables around your desk

Not only is it a health and safety issue to have cables hanging loose around your desk, it also looks unsightly and cluttered. Keep them neat and safe by containing them in cable trunking or vertical cable managers.

Inject some colour to your office

Are the walls of your office dull and dreary? Instead do you want to know which colours inspire productivity? Did you know that blue is considered to be the most productive colour and acts as a stimulant to the mind? If you want to see yours and that of your teams productivity levels increase then you know what colour to add.

Don’t just stop at the walls, you can add colour to your screen dividers and also your task chairs to create a nice contrast, ask Lee & Plumpton for further details.


For more information about Lee and Plumpton products, please call your account manager or a member of our customer services team on: +44 (0) 1953 453830. Alternatively, email: sales@leeandplumpton.co.uk.

** Image is of Lee and Plumpton's Infinity storage range.

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