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Future Investments

April 23, 2012

Lee and Plumpton have made a significant investment for the future with the recent purchase of Homag WoodCAD/CAM software.

WoodCAD/CAM is a sophisticated integrated piece of design and manufacturing software that ultimately will enable the company's tailored solutions furniture team to design bespoke furniture quickly whilst incorporating all of the components and construction techniques that feature in the standard Lee and Plumpton office furniture ranges. Being supplied by the Homag group, the new software will integrate seamlessly with "Magicut" and "WoodWOP" software already used on the beam saws and CNC work centres installed at our factory.

Rendered and dimensioned 3D images will ensure that the customer can visualise exactly how the finished piece of furniture will look and how much it will cost before a single board is cut. The ease and accuracy of the design and manufacturing process will permit the company to further improve the service that it offers to the wide range of companies already taking advantage of the tailored solutions design service and the integrated process will reduce the potential for errors that can occur in low volume manufacture.

WoodCAD/CAM is a major investment in terms of capital and resources and underlines the commitment of Lee and Plumpton to its tailored solutions customer service.

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