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Companies embrace different ways of working in the office

November 21, 2016


The days of being sat behind an office desk all day long, with little collaboration or flexibility at work are definitely on the decline.

These days employees are encouraged to work together, and they’re not tied to their desks as much. Employers understand that for ideas to flow and productivity to increase, a pleasant and flexible working environment is needed.

The increase in the styles of soft seating available has encouraged different ways of working as well as different desk working options.

Media Booths

There are many variations on seating booths, ranging from media booths to solo booth units. Media booths can allow groups of people to get together around a table for formal meetings, video conferences or even casual team brain storms.

A lot of booths now contain chargers and electrical equipment so that the staff can use their laptops or watch presentations on a TV monitor. They can give a feeling of privacy even in a busy office environment.

As well as holding meetings in the booths and being able to use electrical equipment and charging devices, single booths can be used for individuals who need some quiet time to progress with work or make a private phone call.

Booths create a room within a room and due to the fact that they don’t need wall fixings, they can be relocated as and when needed. The shapes and designs ensure that style is still maintained in the office.


Collaborative seating and comfortable benches

As well as booths there are also collaborative seating areas which encourage teamwork and group efforts. They offer a more relaxed and informal working environment. The sofas and sofa benches bridge the gap between domestic and work life furniture. The feeling of being more relaxed at work can reduce stress levels.


Hot desking

Another way the office working environment is changing is the fact that people don’t always claim a desk anymore. Due to flexible working people aren’t always in the office so desking is shared. Instead of leaving belongings on the desk, they can be stored in pedestals and brought out when in the office.

By sitting in new places, it encourages interaction with colleagues in different teams who may in other circumstances not have come into contact with each other. It also encourages more moving around the office as people aren’t necessarily going to be sitting in their teams.


At Lee and Plumpton, we now offer both an extensive range of soft seating and also a full range of different desking styles. For more details please call your account manager or a member of our customer services team on: +44 (0) 1953 453830. Alternatively, email: sales@leeandplumpton.co.uk.

** Image in the photo is our Dual range

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