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5 Tips to remind you to stand up with your Sit-Stand desk

November 17, 2016



You've decided upon a Sit-Stand desk, perhaps to try and be healthier and not have prolonged periods of sitting. But do you still find yourself in the seated position more often than not during the working day? Here are some ideas to try and get you on your feet and standing more.

1. Start and end the day stood up

Make sure your desk is in the standing position first thing in the morning, so as soon as you get to work you're starting on your feet. Try and stand for a couple of hours or so and then lower your desk back down and spend a bit of time seated if you need to. Depending on what time you finish work, spend the last couple of hours stood up, that way it will already be in the standing position ready for the next day when you arrive back at work.

2. Set an alarm

At work you're busy and have a lot of things to think about, so it's only natural for hours to go past and you to realise that you haven't left your seat. Why not set an alarm for certain points in the day, reminding you when you should stand up and when you can sit down. Giving the control to your alarm clock means you don't have to think about it and can get on with your job without fear of forgetting to stretch your legs.

3. Take your phone calls standing up

Another option you could use to ensure you spend adequate time stood up is to take all your phone calls in the standing position. Create a rule for yourself so that every time the phone rings you stand up to take the call.

4. 20 minutes of every hour

If you don't like to stand for too long at a time, then perhaps stand for just the first 20 minutes of every hour. This way you will still be stood up for a large proportion of the day, but it will only feel like bite sized chunks.

5. Certain tasks are stand up tasks

Try and associate certain daily tasks you carry out with being stood up, that way, if you get into a good habit, it will be easier for you to remember to stand up. If you're working on a particular project, spend the time on the project stood up. It could be that you stand up when you go through your inbox and reply to emails, or perhaps when you're sorting out invoices.


Whichever suggestion you pick, try and stick to it, as the advantages of spending more time stood up during the day can have great advantages to your health.

Sit-Stand desks are becoming more popular for their overall health benefits. They can help alleviate fatigue as by remaining on your feet, it can stop you from feeling as tired as you might whilst sat down. Standing can give you an increased amount of energy.

Standing also gives you a better posture as removes the temptation to slouch or be hunched over your desk. An added bonus is also that standing burns more calories!*

At Lee and Plumpton, we offer both an electrical sit-stand desk and a height adjustable desk with manual crank mechanism. For more details please call your account manager or a member of our customer services team on: +44 (0) 1953 453830. Alternatively, email: sales@leeandplumpton.co.uk.


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